Life is Fleeting

“A flame is capricious and transient”

Life can be extraordinary; it can be dull. There are moments of pleasure and those, which scar us deeply with pain. Yet, for all the long summer days and cold winter nights, life is gone all too quickly. The strange incongruity of life is that it seems so abundant in the living, as if it will just continue to be there, whilst actually remaining so finite.

We are deceived so completely into thinking that death is something that happens to other people, that we may even put off living. We focus on mundane chores, getting tangled up in the ‘stuff’ that appears urgent, but is really just a distraction. By the time we make enough space to comprehend our own mortality, however, it can for some be too late to affect any real change. For those of us who grasp some tangible experience of our life in the context of greater vision, we grow to appreciate how fleeting life is.

For no matter how brightly the candle burns, the flame is unpredictable and transitory… it will eventually go out. Now, this may seem to be morbid, but as you truly comprehend how brief a human lifetime is, you gather to you a sense of urgency. It is this profound emotional force that will compel you to value every flicker of light the flame offers, before the darkness finally comes.


2 thoughts on “Life is Fleeting

  1. Very thought provoking. On your About page, you ask, if you knew you had only 24-hours to live and create the legacy you would leave behind, how would you spend those 24 precious hours?

    I would spend them deeply immersed in Nature, intimately in touch with the splendor and living pulse of all that exists, because at the end of my 24-hours, I believe I will transition from my human form,and revert to Nature from which I was originally born into this temporary human form I know as Susan.

    While we may undergo continuous transformations in manifest/unmanifest form, by our very nature we are eternal and we do not cease to exist: Nothing can be lost.

    My legacy? –During her short life in her current temporary human form, Susan never failed to give all she had and was to living to her fullest.– I believe we owe this to each other and to the Universe (aka Nature).

    Susan Baar

    1. Thank you Susan for your thoughtful insight.
      I too can think of no better way to invest that fleeting 24-hours than by being in nature.
      For in nature, we are all connected and interrelated.
      We are one.

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