Grocery stores often have WIGIG sales. So, When It’s Gone, It’s Gone! These promotions basically enable you to buy a product until stocks run out and then you will no longer be able to partake in the same bargain, or even purchase that same product again.

Life is very much a WIGIG proposition! In every moment, you have the choice to invest in that moment with passion, to engage with all that moment possesses, and live it with beating heart and hold-on-tight palm. You can also just let it go by, hoping, blaming, wanting, reproaching. You can sculpt a life by design, or while it away by default.

You can grasp at what might have been, or what might happen tomorrow. You can blame others, or yourself; give away responsibility, or be burdened by it’s weight. However, you cannot change the past and the future remains to be written.

In this moment; our experience of the present, you can make a difference; you can tell your story… a story that will enthral and inspire other people across the world. You can offer comfort to those in need and make a real difference to those who may not have even been born yet. You can change the context of the past; make it worthwhile. And you can compel others to make choices for a better tomorrow – but only if you act now!

When it’s gone, it’s gone, but for now, you are living your story, so why not make strive to record your story? For a deeper understanding of the experiences you have known, recapturing the moments with those you have loved and lost, expressing your personal and unique message, sharing your insights and skills, sharing a smile, a tear, and precious fleeting moments with others…


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