Social Evolution

As social creatures, we evolve and change, both personally and interpersonally. From our birth as individuals and as a species, we have embarked on a journey that has witnessed us grow from solitary people that simply survive, to vastly complex and sophisticated beings that thrive on the profound and the majesty of experience. Yet each […]

Ensure Success for All

Whenever you choose a particular course of action, each time you decide on the next step, consider the best option for others and yourself. If you can create success for everybody in the choices you make and actions you take, you will get a very good reputation. Most people work from the WIIFM approach,  asking […]

What Value is in an Hour?

When creating the architecture for The Key (mPowr), I wanted to develop something completely unique, which helped anybody who was struggling in some aspect of their life, to get a greater grasp on the complexities of modern society. We live at a time of huge transformative change and this is not some vague notion about the […]

The world is changing exponentially every day

This rather bold claim is both exhilarating and challenging, however, if you really let this statement in, it can be overwhelming. Look at how much life has changed over the past twenty years. Now imagine that level of change condensed into five years and placed on top of the change we have experienced to get […]