The Martyn Pentecost Guide to The Realms… Episode 1

‘Holism in mind’ Back in 2008 I faced a dilemma that logic alone could not navigate. No matter how much I thought it through, I could not find a way forward or answer the questions that burned within me. I either devised so many possible scenarios that I was confused into inertia, or none at […]

Let’s Talk Dirty…

“You cannot talk dirt, without getting mucky…” Most of us have done it at some point or another… sometimes in front of a mirror, in private with the person we love or trust, maybe in the company of a close circle of friends, some of us have even done it on Facebook or Twitter. You […]

Just Who Do You Think You Are?

In every moment of your life, you are created from an unimaginable array of physiological function, thoughts and feelings: an emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical being. Your consciousness is processing a huge amount of information, offered from various sources, whilst chemicals, electrical signals and physiological functions create sub-conscious layers of being beyond our limited awareness. […]

Put Away Childish Things…

“…And Develop a Child-Like Attitude!’ As children we develop a whole plethora of habits and behaviours that are based upon the experiences we encounter. For instance, a child who is only ever praised when they take certain actions, may grow up thinking they must achieve particular goals in order to be loved. The idea of […]

A Life by Design or by Default…

This life is precious, beyond measure. Regardless of your circumstances or spiritual beliefs, it is now you approach your life in the present moment that is all important. If you live your life for tomorrow, be it for the hopes and dreams of what you would like to happen, or the want of going to […]

Feel Consciously Defined

“You feel, therefore you are…” Mastery in the process of creating a legacy is down in part to the way we consciously define ourselves in relation to how we feel. Emotions affect people in contrasting ways, but are essentially your body-brain mechanism of communicating. It was once believed that the brain created the chemicals of […]