Dynamic Success

The 8 Dynamics of Success, Part One There is a skill to creating success. Not a random collection of choices or navigating an uncertain future in search for some haphazard answers… A strategic and definable series of actions that take an idea, thought, or vision and transform it into a reality. When you discover and […]

The Martyn Pentecost Guide to The Realms… Episode 1

‘Holism in mind’ Back in 2008 I faced a dilemma that logic alone could not navigate. No matter how much I thought it through, I could not find a way forward or answer the questions that burned within me. I either devised so many possible scenarios that I was confused into inertia, or none at […]

Success is the Birthright of All, Not Just the Privileged

Traditionally, a person’s success in life came down to their status in society. The positions of power were reserved only for those who were born into privilege, social standing, and wealth. Often your job, standard of living and life in general would be decided at birth and was virtually impossible to change, due to your […]