Old Photographs

Looking back at old photographs, it can be striking how many people lived their lives and made the choices they made, so that we could be here to live the life we have. Two parents, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents, sixteen great-great-grandparents; it is not long before you realise that hundreds, thousands of people–your ancestors–fought, strived, […]

Success is the Birthright of All, Not Just the Privileged

Traditionally, a person’s success in life came down to their status in society. The positions of power were reserved only for those who were born into privilege, social standing, and wealth. Often your job, standard of living and life in general would be decided at birth and was virtually impossible to change, due to your […]

The Heritage You Leave Behind

“Keep the human tradition going.” You strived against unimaginable forces to be born into an amazing, inspiring, daunting world, with all its hardships and happiness. You succeeded in the most challenging task of all… the moment you were born. And, you arrived with a heritage that, in itself, is humankind’s most exquisite achievement. In all […]