The Secret Currency

Part One: Legacy Most people waste their life. Waste it on feeding their fickle and fleeting emotions. Waste it on chasing dreams without any real strategy or commitment. Waste it by spending so much time appeasing the needs of others, they have no time left for themselves. But, you know what that hunger is like… […]

Old Photographs

Looking back at old photographs, it can be striking how many people lived their lives and made the choices they made, so that we could be here to live the life we have. Two parents, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents, sixteen great-great-grandparents; it is not long before you realise that hundreds, thousands of people–your ancestors–fought, strived, […]

Life is Fleeting

“A flame is capricious and transient” Life can be extraordinary; it can be dull. There are moments of pleasure and those, which scar us deeply with pain. Yet, for all the long summer days and cold winter nights, life is gone all too quickly. The strange incongruity of life is that it seems so abundant […]

A Life by Design or by Default…

This life is precious, beyond measure. Regardless of your circumstances or spiritual beliefs, it is now you approach your life in the present moment that is all important. If you live your life for tomorrow, be it for the hopes and dreams of what you would like to happen, or the want of going to […]

The Heritage You Leave Behind

“Keep the human tradition going.” You strived against unimaginable forces to be born into an amazing, inspiring, daunting world, with all its hardships and happiness. You succeeded in the most challenging task of all… the moment you were born. And, you arrived with a heritage that, in itself, is humankind’s most exquisite achievement. In all […]