The Secret Currency

Part One: Legacy Most people waste their life. Waste it on feeding their fickle and fleeting emotions. Waste it on chasing dreams without any real strategy or commitment. Waste it by spending so much time appeasing the needs of others, they have no time left for themselves. But, you know what that hunger is like… […]

Social Evolution

As social creatures, we evolve and change, both personally and interpersonally. From our birth as individuals and as a species, we have embarked on a journey that has witnessed us grow from solitary people that simply survive, to vastly complex and sophisticated beings that thrive on the profound and the majesty of experience. Yet each […]

The Lore of Reflection

“Everything is a reflection of everything else” Just as you can stand in front of a mirror and see a reflection of your body, the way you feel, think and experience the world is reflected around you. The situations and circumstances you find yourself in, as well as the people you interact with, are all […]

Success is the Birthright of All, Not Just the Privileged

Traditionally, a person’s success in life came down to their status in society. The positions of power were reserved only for those who were born into privilege, social standing, and wealth. Often your job, standard of living and life in general would be decided at birth and was virtually impossible to change, due to your […]

Habitual Strategies vs. Quick Fix Solutions

People often think of habits as detrimental to the health or wellbeing, however a habit is any behaviour we instinctively carry out. If you automatically hold the door open for another person, this is a habit. If you brush your teeth without thinking about it, this is also a habit. If you find yourself looking […]

Flourishing in the New Paradigm

“When most are focused on survival…” …a few, rather unique people, not only succeed, they flourish. There are many reasons why people choose to opt for the survival route, most of which come down to what they have been taught by others. We either define ourselves with volition, or are confined by other people. To […]